Selecting the Right Place for Your Garden Pond

Selecting the Right Place for Your Garden Pond

Once you have decided that you want a garden pond then your next step is selecting the right place for your garden pond.  Before you randomly pick a spot you need to ask yourself the purpose of the pond.  Do you want a quiet place for meditation and solitude?  Is your pond there to be a focal point or to complement another focal point in your yard?  Do you want the pond to be accessible to your guests?  Is it going into a secluded corner or will it be visible from your home?  Do you have adequate amounts of shade?  Perhaps most importantly can you easily run water and power out to your pond?  You also need to be aware of underground pipes and cables if you are going to start digging. 

Sun and Shade for Your Pond

If you want to put any type of plants in your pond then you will have to put it in a place where it gets some sun.  Some plants only need a couple of hours of direct sun, whereas others like water lilies are going to need six to eight hours of sunlight.  The more sun that your pond gets the more options you have when it comes to the types of plants that you can use.

Adding Fish

If you want to add some fish to your pond like koi then you’re going to need to have some shade during the hottest part of the day. If you have added quite a few plants to your pond then they can serve as some shade for your fish.  Water lilies are perfect as a shade plant, you can also decorate the border of your pond with shrubs or tall trees.  If that isn’t possible there are portable shade screens that you can use to protect your fish.

Close to Your House

If you put your pond in a place that is visible from your home you can enjoy it all year round.  Put some dramatic lighting around your pond and you have a great view in the evenings.  On the other hand if you put your pond in an isolated corner of the yard then you have a perfect retreat away from it all, you can have a moment of peace and quiet without having to leave your home.  No matter where you decide to put your pond it can be an incredible addition to the landscaping on your property.