Adding Lotuses to Your Garden Pond

Adding Lotuses to Your Garden Pond

Lotus flowers look beautiful in a backyard water garden.  They can be grown in tubs or you can add them to a pond, as long as they stay wet with at least two inches of water above the soil they can thrive.  These plants need plenty of water but they will make beautiful additions on their own in pots or in a larger pond.

Caring for Your Lotuses

The location of the pond can affect your flowers, if it is an area that gets a lot of wind the flowers can bend or become discolored.  If you want your flowers to bloom then they are going to need the right care.  Lotus flowers prefer warmer temperatures with temps between 80F and 90F providing ideal growing conditions.  Here is some more information on adding lotus flowers to your pond.

Types of Lotus Flowers

There are several different breeds of lotuses that are available to add to your pond.  If you have a smaller pond then consider adding the Chinese Dbl Rose these flowers are a deep red and can get up to three feet in height.  It is beautiful for adding color to your pond.  For a larger pond then consider the Empress flowers, these flowers have a white bloom with pink edges.  They make wide blooms that resemble roses when in bloom and they can reach heights of up to five feet.

If you want flowers that are bright and beautiful then you can add the breed called Mrs Perry D Slocum, they are vibrant multicolored flowers that look gorgeous.  They will start off as a pink flower, change to pink and yellow and then they will go to a bright flush pink color.  If you like brilliant pink lotuses then Momo Botan is another great alternative.  These flowers have a longer blooming season so you can enjoy them longer.  You can also grow these plants in a pond or in a smaller pot in the yard.

Lotus flowers aren’t just beautiful they add color and dimension to your backyard garden pond.  Even if you don’t have a large pond in your yard there are several different types of lotuses that can grow in pots and be placed around your yard.  They add a wonderful scent to your garden, there is nothing like relaxing in your backyard enjoying a beautiful day with the scent of lotus flowers in the air.